Old Country Union



In an old Buckinghamshire pub in 2009, three musicians jammed together on open mic night and accidentally formed a band.

A shared love of melodic country-tinged rock by the likes of Steve Miller, The Band, The Doobies and The Eagles quickly bound them together in a quest to bring beautiful acoustic rock to clubs and bars around the towns and villages where they lived.

Initially filling their set with carefully chosen covers, it wasn’t long before self-penned efforts began appearing (unannounced) in their live set. Audiences still seemed to like what they were hearing.

Five years and hundreds of gigs later, Old Country Union now regularly wow audiences of all ages with a solid rocking back beat topped with lush acoustics and rich harmonies. An impressive repertoire enables the band to balance original material with old favourites as occasion demands and HomeBrew, their first CD of all-original songs, was released in 2014.

The band are currently working hard in their own studio writing and recording their second CD, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? for release in 2016.

Frank Walsh: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Simon Blanchard: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tim Sweet: Lead Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Julian Bly: Harmonica, Percussion
Gary Hawkins: Drums, Percussion

Contact: John Bowyer-Reed 07966 296259