Band lineup

Our super lineup of local bands is complete!
We start with the ever popular School Drummers at 12:55pm,
and continue with these fabulous bands…

1:15pm Main Stage
Hair of the Dog

2:00pm Acoustic Stage
Caitlin & Katie
Acoustic Duo

2:20pm Main Stage

The Band With No Name
Sponsored by Carlton Associates

3:15 Main Stage

Bright Shadows
Acoustic Rock Duo

4:00pm Acoustic Stage

Stu Rand Bell
Photo courtesy of Derek Pelling Photography

4:25pm Main Stage

Steve Winch & The Inception

5:15pm Acoustic Stage

2am Blue

5:55 Main Stage

Memphis Rattlesnakes
Rock ‘n Roll straight between the eyes!!!

6:50pm Acoustic Stage

Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball
photo by Angel Dean Brown

7:45pm Main Stage

Cooper Black
sponsored by Marshall Resource Partners

8:45 Main Stage

The Dung Beatles
sponsored by Rugby Tots

10:00pm Main Stage

Cherry Smoke